4 Best Alternatives For Dumpor in 2022

Want to see Instagram stories behind the scenes? If that’s the case, you should give the app “Dumpor Instagram Video Viewer” another go. It’s no secret that Instagram is a powerful tool for advertisers. If you don’t sign up for an account, you won’t have access to certain features.

After a certain period, the user will be prompted to log in or register. Others choose to stay anonymous yet still have access to everyone’s material without signing up for anything themselves. Personal profile browsing is entirely undetectable. When you need access to other people’s Instagram accounts, Dumpor is the best tool.

Need a disguised Instagram account? You’ve found the perfect medium for secretly stalking someone without their knowledge. Using this service, you may anonymously see any Instagram story you choose. It will never tell anybody about your stalking activities.

Followers, Instagram Stories, and tagged posts may all be explored without revealing your identity. Dumpor lets you quickly find Instagram accounts, tags, and places by typing in a search field and then clicking on the search button. To have the greatest possible Instagram viewing experience, you must visit Dumpor’s site.

Its many useful functions include downloading content, browsing incognito, and studying user data like popularity and social connections. It works just like another amazing app about instagrm, Smihub.

What Is Dumpor Exactly?

When you use Dumper, an anonymous Instagram Story reader, you may access all stories that have been deleted from your account. Users that need to know which articles were removed by a particular user may find this helpful tool. To access Dumper, you may go online or to the app store. There is no obligation or cost associated with accepting this offer.

The Functioning Of Dumpor:

  • Dumper is an app that automatically reads Instagram stories and provides a summary.
  • Streamlining the process of viewing lengthy Instagram Stories costs nothing and does not compromise quality.
  • At first, Dumper reads the whole tale and then gathers all the pictures. These images are analyzed using a machine learning system.
  • It pulls out data like where the article was shared and which people commented on or liked.
  • Dumper compiles the data and writes a synopsis of the event.
  • The situation is described, key passages are quoted, and pertinent details about the people in the images are included in this synopsis.
  • The Dumper Firefox Add-on and Chrome Extension are both accessible to users.
  • IOS and Android users have access to the Dumpor app, allowing them to read tales on the go.

The Most Salient Features Of Dumpor:

  • Let’s take a look at Dumpor’s main components.
  • An optional and often used feature of Dumper is the ability to watch Instagram stories without revealing your real identity.
  • Instagram videos may also be downloaded using Dumpor. There is currently no way to download videos on Instagram’s official platform.
  • Dumpor’s intuitive design and ability to access private Instagram profiles are two of the app’s many selling points. Using Dumpor requires no special knowledge or skills.
  • Rapid analysis of your Instagram account is now a breeze using Dumpor.
  • You can use hashtags to find whatever it is you’re looking for.
  • It’s hassle-free and straightforward to use.

4 Apps Like Dumpor:

1.     IzoomYou

You’ve reached the right place if you’re seeking a method to expand Instagram user profiles. With izoomYou, you can quickly and easily develop Instagram user profiles. The app’s primary purpose is to achieve this, but it’s not done yet.

Instagram content such as posts, stories, and profile images may be seen and saved to your smartphone without further action. You can look for the individuals you want and stalk them without knowing them. Unfortunately, InstaStories for iOS is not yet available.

You may view, save, or download Instagram profile pictures in full HD resolution with the izoomYou for Instagram – Profile Picture in HD App. The Instagram picture download process is straightforward. Private profiles are inaccessible. However, public accounts’ media files may be downloaded.


  • Photo Enhancement for Instagram Profiles
  • Instagram Video Downloader
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed without compromising privacy.
  • The ability to download summaries and featured articles
  • A program that allows you to download private Instagram profiles

2.     InstaStories

InstaStories allows you to explore Instagram without revealing your identity. To use this private Instagram browser, type the username you’re looking for in the search field and click the magnifying glass button. To find a specific user name, you need to type it into the search field. Add the usernames you wish to follow to the “Favorites” list, and you’ll have immediate access to them anytime you like.


  • The Instagram Story Viewer
  • Confidential
  • Public profiles only
  • To be able to see Instagram Stories without revealing your identity.
  • Keep up with the times and get IGTV.
  • Accounts are available in several languages and may be viewed in any of them.

3.     Pixwox

Pixwox simplifies the process of downloading and viewing Instagram posts, Instagram stories, and Instagram posts in the format of your choosing. Pixwox doesn’t only let you look up any username you want; it also enables you to download or browse the images anyhow you want.

All accounts, public and private, are easily downloadable and may be viewed offline. Popular and endorsed hashtags include “girl,” “life,” “sports,” “happy,” “beautiful,” “Love,” “Fashion,” “Art,” “Food,” and “Travel,” but there are many more to discover.


  • To be able to see profiles online
  • The Instagram story downloader
  • In other words, tagged posts
  • Most devoted Instagram viewer
  • A secure and confidential Instagram profile downloader

4.     FastSave

FastSave allows its international audience to quickly find the Instagram accounts they care about and save their videos and photographs at no cost. Many individuals secretly utilize Fastsave – Repost picture videos to look for Instagram user names. The software allows you to save films and photographs quickly for offline viewing. Complete images or movies may be reposted with a few clicks.

It’s simple to navigate, safe, and quick to get what you want. It has a modern interface where you can store and organize several video and image reels in a streamlined manner. You can also choose not to display your downloaded photos and videos or to only do so in slideshow format.

With just a few taps, you can easily share, delete, watch, or repost media inside the app. For all Instagram users, Fastsave – Photo, Video & TV Video Repost is an efficient and straightforward tool that provides many valuable functions.


  • Straightforward navigation
  • Secure
  • In addition to many images and movies, you can:
  • High-speed data transfer rate
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Fantastic photographic vistas
  • Photographs and films may be reposted, shared, and deleted.


Instagram users may use Dumpor to search through public profiles’ stories and posts from any computer with an internet connection. You’ll be able to check out their readership, accounts, blog entries, and profiles. You may still read their work even after their tales have been removed from the site for 24 hours. In other words, if you have an exclusive account, this tool won’t help you.

You’ll be able to view the profile, but you won’t be able to access any of the content. Download Instagram images and use the included IG content downloader to save Instagram videos to your computer. It’s a free and anonymous Instagram downloader that supports several languages.




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