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dwight powell stats- Dwight Powell is a versatile frontcourt player who can line up at small forward if needed and can even play some center due to his size and athleticism. He does a fantastic job of shooting shots with a high percentage and makes excellent use of his jumping ability to finish plays decisively. In addition, he has the excellent passing ability for a prominent player.

Even though he often has a significant field goal percentage, he does not provide much of a challenge for the defence by consistently making 3-point shots. In addition to this, as a defensive playmaker, he does not rack up a large number of thefts or blocks.

 dwight powell stats

Best Game Of Dwight Powell:

In a matchup against the Houston Rockets in March, Dwight Powell turned in his most outstanding performance of the year. In the Mavericks victory, he led the team in scoring with 26 points while also grabbing 12 rebounds and dishing out three assists. Six of the offensive rebounds were the ones that were grabbed. Additionally, Powell came up with two blocks.

Contract Status Of Dwight Powell Stats:

Dwight Powell is now on the third and final year of a contract that will pay him a total of $11 million and change for the next season. In the year 2020, Powell signed the agreement.

Season in Review:

The Dallas Mavericks have had many players mature and become valuable contributors during the last decade. It is hard to believe that Dorian Finney-Smith, as well as Maxi Kleber, made the transition from being undrafted free agents to essential cogs in the rotation of a title contender. However, Dwight Powell is integral to the Mavericks’ player development and should be acknowledged anytime this topic is discussed.

Dwight Powell scored 8.7 points, grabbed 4.9 rebounds, and dished out 1.2 assists in a contest in 2021-22. The previous year was the first time in his professional career that he participated in all 82 games of the season. Powell had a decent 3-point shooting percentage of 35%, although he averaged less than one attempt each game. Because his shooting from beyond the three-point arc continued to be inconsistent, he paused before taking the shot.

Dwight Powell proceeded to do all the menial tasks necessary for a basketball team. He is the Mavericks’ top screener, and even though he has his share of defensive issues, his level of effort is consistently at its highest. Unfortunately, he was nearly unplayable in the playoffs due to his inability to provide enough rim protection and his incapacity to provide a scoring threat in the paint consistently.

Powell’s playing time decreased as the Mavericks made more progress, and he didn’t contribute much to the offence other than the little things that he excels at doing. Powell, however, could not provide the additional elements required in the subsequent stages of the playoffs.

Looking Ahead:

The Mavericks are happy to ride out Powell’s contract for the remainder of the season. As was just noted, he is an excellent presence in the locker room and performs all the small things necessary for a basketball team. Powell’s is a simple team to transfer if a deal is made that requires a contract to be tossed in to match salary. In the event that this doesn’t happen, one of the Mavericks’ stalwarts from the previous decade will be brought back for another season.

 dwight powell stats

Grade B Negative:

Dwight Powell had an outstanding performance throughout the regular season, but he was unable to create any results in the higher-pressure environment of the playoffs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, seeing as how only the very finest basketball players can continue to play at a high level when the lights are turned up higher.

Powell performed an excellent job during the regular season, but he was unable to maintain his performance in the postseason.


Dwight Powell reached the pinnacle of his career while playing with the Dallas Mavericks. The Boston Celtics selected Powell with the 45th overall choice in the draft; however, he was essentially acquired as part of the deal for Rajon Rondo. However, rather than being a toss-in, he has developed into one of the most significant Mavericks of the last ten years.



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